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Race 3 rescheduled by Craig Drabik at 06/01/2015

 Note that Race 3 originally scheduled for 5/31 has been rescheduled for 6/7 due to rain.

Burris tires are in by Craig Drabik at 05/07/2015

For those of you who ordered Burris tires, I have received three of the four sets, and the fourth should be here early next week.  Please contact me to make arrangements for pickup.

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Cherry Valley Tag Money Race Feature 2014
The feature from the Tag Money race at Cherry Valley in Lafyette, NY. Started 5h, finished 3rd. One of the best runs ive ever had
Tag Senior Feature- GVKC 6/2/14
This was the best run i've had so far in the Tag. Everything stayed together and was actually able to keep up with the leaders.
2014 WNYKC Race 1 Sr. World Formula Final
WNYKC's inaugural Senior World Formula final from the helmet of pole-sitter and race winner Craig Drabik.
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10/11/2015: Race 12
Latest Results: Race 4 (06/19/2015)
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